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Repeat order 25 VDL Citeas LLE-120 for ASEAG in Aachen

VDL Bus & Coach has once again received a large order from ASEAG (Aachener Straßenbahn- und Energieversorgungs-AG), for 25 Citeas LLE-120. ASEAG is responsible for the public transport in and around Aachen. In recent years, 27 Citeas LLE-120 have been added to the bus fleet. Delivery of the vehicles is planned for 2019. A total of 52 VDL Citeas LLE-120 will then be in operation in Aachen.

“We are proud we can further extent our cooperation with government-owned company ASEAG and look forward to seeing the 25 new VDL Citeas LLE-120 in the future cityscape of Aachen!” says Boris Höltermann, Managing Director VDL Bus & Coach Deutschland GmbH.

VDL Citea's LLE for Aken

VDL Citea LLE: an innovative, lightweight concept

The VDL Citea LLE-120/255 for ASEAG features a 30+2+1 seating arrangement. In the case of the VDL Light Low Entry, the combination of an environmentally friendly engine with a very low weight provides class-leading fuel economy and reduced maintenance costs. This results in a further reduction of CO2 emissions. Accordingly, the buses meet the highest safety standards and the by the German state-mandated limit for CO2 emissions. The choice for the VDL lightweight concept is a logical step for business owners who, under the looming shadow of the German diesel driving ban, have also set themselves the goal of reducing emissions of harmful substances. As such, the VDL Citea LLE-120 is not only an asset for ASEAG but also for Aachen residents.


For more than 130 years, ASEAG has been responsible for public transport in and around Aachen. The company’s original goal still applies to this day: delivering tailor-made mobility solutions. In a deployment area of some 700 km2, more than 230,000 passengers are carried every day.

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